About me.                                                                    

My name is Arthur and I was born in February  1960.

I have been exploring since childhood and now after retirement I am even more hungry for adventure than ever. I mostly like traveling on a budget, preferably by bicycle or off-road motorcycle. Somehow I always end up in interesting places often without having the intension to go there in the first place. When I travel these days there is little or no plan.

Scandinavia - the French Alps - the Pyrenees - Northern Russia - Uzbekistan are some of the places I like best but thanks to covid I recently discovered Spain. In 2022 I traveled from my home in the Netherlands to the most southern point in Europe. And once having arrived in this place Tarifa on the most Southern tip of Spain I made my way north again to the most northern point in Europe, the North-Cape in Norway. After 7 months on the road I covered more than 23.000 kilometres on a twenty two year old Enduro motorcyle.

In my first book "Terra Cognita" I describe in a Travel Blog style the part of my 2021 journey around Sweden. nearly 300 pages with more than a hundred never before published photos and maps. I have only recently started writing and I hope adventurous people will enjoy reading my books. I hope you Stay Sane, Stay Adventurous and keep Exploring the unknown.