Who will be the first, to uncover the secret?... 2012

In August 2017, the object was found by the lovely Irina from Arkhangelsk I'm sure the object will be in good hands with her. May you always be an adventurer Irina, good luck in life, and don't forget to invite me for your wedding.


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This page will give you instuctions on how to obtain the Berque Adventure Trophy .

The trophy is an ancient arctifact in the form of a Moroccan sugar loaf hammer. I uncovered the hammer about 28 years ago when I was metal detecting in the Les Landes in the back garden of Max & Emmanuel Berque behind their ancestral home in Saint-Julien-en-Born. The last thing I did expected to find was something Moroccan. But later I found out that the Berque brothers Maximillien and Emmanuel were born in Morocco in 1950, they are nonconformistic artists and free thinkers that made several atlantic crossings in small craft that they designed and build themselves. One of  these cossings was even made without the aid of any instruments. As they care little for earthly possesions they said I could have the object. And the moment I touched it I feld the power of the ancient hammer. I effectively became during that moment without knowing it an explorer myself.

The hammer disapeared in a box and was forgotten for years, but never forgotten was the desire to explore, and do something few people do in their life time. At the age of 50 I decided to travel to the North Cape by recumbent bike. For many a journey like this is a dream or at best a once in a life time event, but the hammer has pushed me on and in 2012 I made it to the Nordkapp for the third time on my M5 recumbent bike .

On the 2012 journey I took the hammer with me and left it in a secret location. It is there only for the verry brave to be found. It is now time that somebody returns the hammer to it's rightfull owners.

To uncover the ancient object you need to travel to the edge of the world first and the last 30 kilometers need to be done by bycicle or on foot. Enter the main structure at 71 10' 21" and look deep underground in the rocks untill you find the first Nautilus.

The Nautilus wil mark the entrance to the St. Johannes Kapell.
This chappel is the most northern european mainland piece of  consecrated ground. Seat your self on the front row and face the altar. Weather you are religeous or not you will feel at ease in this sanctuary, look at the beautifull contemporary artwork that can be found in this place, like the altar and the doors with their elongated silvery handles. Look up at the starry night sky with it's hundreds of twinkling lights and have a moment of contemplation. You can rightfully be proud of yourself, for you have made it to the edge of the world dispite the cold, the rain and the dreadfull wind.
This is the object as you will uncover it. The ancient copper hammer, the leather strap and a card.
While facing the altar from the front row you need to move to your right.
Check if nobody has followed you into the chapel and make sure you are alone.
 Sit on the fourth back row seat counting from the door.
Quickly stand on your chair and reach onto the latch above where the object should be. The moment you touch it the power will be transfered and you also will be a lifetime explorer from now on.
If possible leave a message on the ledge, stating who you are and when you recovered the object. And if you feel like continuing the quest leave a personal object behind and run a simular Geo Cache from your own website or blog. In that case you have to prepare a card with the URL of your website or blog.
Please return the object to their rightfull owners and receive in return their book [sadly still only in French] or their DVD that features their transatlantic crossing in an extra ordinary way. [subtitled in English] You can find more information about the Berque brothers on their website :
Sans Bousolle   an atlantic crossing wthout instruments.
                      Emmanuel and Maximillien Berque
Emmanuel & Maximilien Berque
Place de la Mairie
40170, Saint-Julien-en-Born